I began reading at a young age though I really became serious about it when I was 16 years old. Reading has always been my favorite activity whenever I feel sad, bored, confused, in need to learn something or in any free time. 

Through books I’ve been able to build my confidence, expand my knowledge and develop my imagination. More to that I don’t travel much, but through books, I’m able to get a sense of the world and what others feel and experience. Reading stories about other people’s experiences helps them understand the feelings of others. 

Here are ten reasons why I think you should read:

  1. Learn from someone else

You will learn from Paul Kalanithi of what makes life worth living in the face of death, of what to do when the future, no longer a ladder toward your goals in life, flattens out into a perpetual present. You will learn how Tara Westover taught herself enough mathematics and grammar to be admitted to Brigham Young University, where she studied history, learning for the first time about important world events like the Holocaust and the civil rights movement. 

Books will teach you a lot about other people’s lives and ways of being; which in turn gives you an idea of how to live yours

  1. Increases your worldview

Books influence your thinking and therefore give you different perspectives on countries, cultures and practices. 

  1. Helps you dream big

Reading helps us to see and imagine ourselves as anything. We are no longer locked to what we see in our surroundings only. Books show us other possibilities.

  1. Improves conversational skills

Reading helps you grow your vocabulary, teaches you how to construct sentences and communicate. As you read you become more comfortable with the language and be able to use it confidently in oral and written communication.

  1. Encourages to think

Reading strengthens your mind and increases your memory. This in return plays a big part in critically thinking on every day basis.

  1. Makes you happier

Fictional stories like “a man called Ove” puts our brains to a pleasurable trance-like state which brings in some relaxation to our body and inner calm. BTW check that book.

  1. Kills boredom

Are you at the office waiting for the clock to hit 5PM so you can finally leave? Or you have completed all your to-do tasks of the day and can’t think of anything else to do? One of the smarter ways to spend your extra time is reading.

  1. Helps spend time off electronics

We spend so much time on our phones and mostly on social media; and although your work may require you to remain social online it can be very helpful to detox sometimes. Going offline will help you break the comparison cycle, protect your privacy, conquer your fear of missing out  and reconnect with the real world among other benefits. And when you are used to checking on your phone every now and then it can be hard but try reading a book at that time instead.

  1. Build self esteem

As we have seen previously, reading increases your ability to learn and achieve which in turn is a great motivation. This practice also helps you have a positive self image and confidence that is needed for you to succeed in life.

  1. Gives you something to talk about

Reading improves your connectedness to the wider community and makes people feel comfortable talking to you because of your confidence and the way you make them feel, people will like to hear you because of the creativity which has improved with the help of reading books.

Now what are you waiting for? Go grab a book!

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  1. Abed September 2, 2020 at 9:12 pm

    These reasons really got my cloudnine 🥰🥰🥰

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