Hey there, what’s up?

I’m glad you are here and now that you do I’d like to remind you that you matter. That your dreams are worth the hardships you are going through to achieve them. That everyday when you wake up, the universe is ready for you.

My name is Annie Mpinganzima. I’m an avid reader, a self taught fiber artist and an accountant. I love books way too much. Or maybe stories. My social life is at a lower level. I love people but enjoy being alone. I don’t know how to react in crowds or with strangers. I just enjoy a good book plus a glass of ice mocha instead. There’s another side of me that loves numbers and planning. That being said, I’m fascinated with financial budgets and got a keen interest in personal growth. 

On this blog, you will find my book reviews, personal finance advice and individual growth tips. 

Take a seat, it’ll be a long beautiful journey!

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