As the pandemic hit all over the world and particularly here, we were all forced to stay at home, work from home, not go to school, not attend/make any party,…not even to go to burials when our dear ones departed, a total lockdown. At a certain point we thought we wouldn’t go back to what was normal. When vaccines were availed, life was eased. Schools reopened. Weddings were celebrated. Employees went back to work. Churches reopened. What seemed a state of worry turned into hope.

In all that time I was not left alone. I was worried and faced uncertainties. My anxiety reached all the corners of my life mainly emotional, spiritual and financial. I read stories here and there on how others are coping with the changes and what stood with me was “mindfulness”. The Oxford dictionary defines this as a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations. In today’s post I’m sharing with you books I read in those times that helped me to keep going, even today. I recommend them for anyone who wants to connect with others; employees who want to get ahead at work; stressed-out people seeking calm and anxious souls looking for reassurance.

  1. The power of nunchi by Euny Hong


Understanding how to read people’s thoughts and feelings has massive advantages. If you can determine the issues your boss is experiencing without even asking, you’re probably going to form a positive working relationship with her. Similarly, if you can predict what that guy with the nice dimples you continue coming across is thinking, you might be able to start a friendship and – who knows? – then perhaps something more than that.

Nunchi is a kind of emotional intelligence that can help you in every aspect of life. By teaching you how to concentrate and bring together information from watching others, it’ll make the way for you to form rich and satisfying relations. By doing that, it’ll take your professional and personal life to a completely new phase.

My takeaways:

The Rules of Nunchi:

First, empty your mind, Lose your preconceptions in order to observe with discernment. Secondly, manners exist for a reason. Thirdly, be nimble, be quick and last and most importantly, never pass up a good opportunity to shut up. If you wait long enough, most of your questions will be answered without you having to say a word.

  • Radical acceptance by Tara Brach


“Believing that something is wrong with us is a deep and tenacious suffering,” says Tara Brach at the start of this illuminating book. This suffering emerges in crippling self-judgments and conflicts in our relationships, in addictions and perfectionism, in loneliness and overwork–all the forces that keep our lives constricted and unfulfilled. Radical Acceptance offers a path to freedom, including the day-to-day practical guidance developed over Dr. Brach’s twenty years of work with therapy clients and Buddhist students.

My takeaways:

-Most of us spend our time frantically moving from task to task. In the chaos of everyday life, we often forget to pause and take a minute to remember where we are, what we are doing, and why we think it matters. Learning to incorporate pauses throughout our days is a simple and effective way to begin becoming more conscious observers of and participants in our experience.

-Instead of complaining about your experience or rejecting what you are feeling, what if you accepted the moment for what it is? What if you stopped thinking about all of the ways in which the moment could be better? What if you stopped resisting your reality? When you give up your resistance, you open yourself to the joy, freedom, and possibility that exist in every moment.

  • The mindful day by Laurie J Cameron


At the pinnacle of the digital age, it’s hard to imagine packing one more thing into our overwhelmed lives. But new research shows that simple daily exercises can change the way our brain works, improve focus, lift our mood, create stronger connections, and help us develop greater resilience. In this enriching book, noted teacher and mindfulness expert Laurie Cameron provides an everyday road map to cultivate inner peace and navigate any situation with control and clarity. Timeless teachings and straightforward practices designed for busy schedules–from the morning commute to back-to-back meetings to family dinners–show how mindfulness can transform life at home, in the workplace, and beyond. A personal guide for women who have leaned in, men who want to be more effective, and professionals looking to optimize their lives, this book will help readers lead their lives with intention and purpose.

My takeaways:

  • Practicing mindfulness helps you to stop dwelling on the past, or mentally racing ahead to the future.
  • You can have a mindful morning by practicing gratitude.
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  1. Tikia June 4, 2021 at 9:16 pm

    Wow. Nice read. Thank you for sharing.

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    Will certainly give these books a try, thanks

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    This is a well-written article and l enjoyed reading it. Thank you for the book recommendations😊

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    Lovely piece.
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