As we have seen in the previous post there are many advantages of reading and being a bookaholic. It helps you learn new things, connect with friends, helps dream big and so much more. The Oxford dictionary defines a bookaholic as an habitual, prolific reader and a compulsive book buyer. 

In today’s blog post I’ll share with you ways to become a bookaholic. It doesn’t require that you pass through them all. You can just pick one which will be easy for you. Or if you can combine two or three methods, that’s absolutely fine. When you try them more than once they will become your daily habits and it will be very easy for you to visit a bookstore, to sit and read, or even study.

Carry a short book with you

This can be a short story book that can fit in your bag. Whenever you open it you will be tempted to pick it and read.

Buy books during book sales

Try visiting bookstores once in a while. Owning books motivates in reading them. Start buying

Set the environment for reading

Have a table and chair where you will sit while reading. Arrange books in an evident manner. Put away every distraction. If possible set a room and call it for reading.

Set a reminder for reading

You can set time for reading and put on alarms or note it on a post-it where it’s visible to you. You may be caught with work or other life shenanigans and the reminder brings you back.

Join online or physical book clubs

There are many book clubs online you can join. These are virtual and their discussions happen on their platform of preference. There are physical ones too that meet in a physical place. One I personally recommend is Nkundagusoma Bookclub for Kigali residents and anyone else who can reach there. These are communities of readers and being part of them can motivate you to read.

Read the blurb 

Read the short description of the book at the back or on the front cover. This will help you decide if the book you’re about to read is worth it. And if it’s a good blurb, it will hook you into wanting to read more.

Write down a review

When you finish reading a book, write down its review. It will hel[p you understand more what you have read and motivate you to pick another book.

Set up a goodreads account 

Goodreads helps you make your reading list and to post your reviews. It will also recommend you which books to read next and also if you want you can be part of reading challenges.

Get a library membership

This will help you get a chance to borrow the book, attend library activities if there is any, and so much more.

Be my book friend

Join my newsletter’s family or follow me on instagram. Let the magic of stories bring us together. Share with me what you are reading and if possible let’s meet over a cup of tea to discuss more about it.

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