I have spent my day today listening to music and podcasts. I woke up feeling a bit lazy and for that, the only courage I had was of making my bed, take a shower and prepare breakfast. The rest of the day I was just wandering around listening to music and podcasts. In this entry, I’d like to share with you the main takeaways from the two episodes I listened to. You can check them wherever you listen to your podcasts. Without further ado, here’s my notes from Episode 200 of the Clever Girls Know Podcast on Financial Wellness and Episode 193 of the Rachel Hollis Podcast on how to create a roadmap to your dreams.

Financial wellness

Taking care of your money is a form of self-care. Ask yourself what’s the best thing you can do for the present you, future you? Just like all these other things like meditation, getting fit, and so much more, it’s also important to take care of your finances. Improving your finances: saving and having a cushion for future circumstances; having no debts and being able to meet your spending goals- is the ultimate self-care form. Make a financial plan, implement it, and do it for the long term. The idea of spending money is always exciting but the time you buy something you feel like you need more. To avoid overspending and the debt trap it’s advisable to write down your spending plan, prioritize it and write down why you want that.

How to create a roadmap to your dreams

Take a sheet of paper and a pen:

-Write down (without so much thinking) the ideal version of you. Who do you want to be?

-That version, give it a word. Name it.

-Write down goals that will you help achieve over time.

-Make your goals specific, measurable, and attainable.

-Believe you can do it.

-Decide to fight for it every day.

That’s all for today. What have you been learning nowadays? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Wonani July 29, 2021 at 12:40 pm

    One think I’m happy about is that I’m a dreamer. 😂
    Thanks for sharing this and reminding me to fight for my goals.

    I like the first two points of writing the ideal version of you and naming that version. I’ll definitely do that tonight!

    Thanks for sharing!


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