Being a creative comes with a set of characteristics. There are those that are common to most and some that are particular to some. Creative people are very imaginative. We tend to think and overthink in every situation even in trivial matters. With that, I tend to look for perfection in everything I do.

As mentioned in the previous post, I started blogging five years ago. My reason for blogging was, and still is, to share my thoughts on what I read and learn. As years passed by I learned from fellow bloggers a lot of things like how to write a good book review, how to write an essay, how to have a niche and so on. Though this helps you in growing up, it also creates a feeling of inadequacy. I always felt like I’m not good at writing, at reviewing…at anything blogging. In 2019, I deleted all posts that I thought were not well written. In 2020, my blog was redesigned and I started writing in a professional but unique way.

To every creative, my message for you today is never give up! Keep up the good work. Keep creating. As Martin Luther King puts it if you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward. If you feel like you are not doing your best, do what you can but do it. Eventually you will grow. You will reach your best self when time comes. You can’t perfect what you didn’t practice. And also don’t get discouraged by negative feedbacks. I’m rooting for you.

Also find yourself a motivation to keep going. Reward yourself. Congratulate yourself. Others will follow. There is a poem titled “Reason and passion” by Khalil Gibran that keeps me moving. I memorized it and whenever I’m at my lowest I recite it for myself or write it down to remember why I must do that which makes my heart sing. Here it is:

And the priestess spoke again and said: "Speak to us of Reason and Passion." 
 And he answered saying: 
 Your soul is oftentimes a battlefield, upon which your reason and your judgment wage war against passion and your appetite. 
 Would that I could be the peacemaker in your soul, that I might turn the discord and the rivalry of your elements into oneness and melody. 
 But how shall I, unless you yourselves be also the peacemakers, nay, the lovers of all your elements? 
 Your reason and your passion are the rudder and the sails of your seafaring soul. 
 If either your sails or our rudder be broken, you can but toss and drift, or else be held at a standstill in mid-seas. 
 For reason, ruling alone, is a force confining; and passion, unattended, is a flame that burns to its own destruction. 
 Therefore let your soul exalt your reason to the height of passion; that it may sing; 
 And let it direct your passion with reason, that your passion may live through its own daily resurrection, and like the phoenix rise above its own ashes. 
 I would have you consider your judgment and your appetite even as you would two loved guests in your house. 
 Surely you would not honour one guest above the other; for he who is more mindful of one loses the love and the faith of both. 
 Among the hills, when you sit in the cool shade of the white poplars, sharing the peace and serenity of distant fields and meadows - then let your heart say in silence, "God rests in reason." 
 And when the storm comes, and the mighty wind shakes the forest, and thunder and lightning proclaim the majesty of the sky, - then let your heart say in awe, "God moves in passion." 
 And since you are a breath In God's sphere, and a leaf in God's forest, you too should rest in reason and move in passion.
 (c) Khalil Gibran
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  1. The Tory Teller June 3, 2021 at 11:57 pm


  2. MIGABO Jean de Dieu June 4, 2021 at 4:04 am

    That’s good, I was interested with this library
    ,I found a book known as ” in the fog of season’s end by Alex laguna ” I really appreciated it , thank you Annie Mpinganzima .

  3. Yuri June 4, 2021 at 5:24 am

    Hello Annie, thanks for sharing the poem. I actually liked it. You started you’re blog 5 years ago! That’s amazing. I just started mine this year and I just feel honored to learn from your experiences. Keep doing you.

    1. Annie Mpinganzima - Site Author June 4, 2021 at 1:31 pm

      Thank you Yuri. We keep learning from each other.

  4. Wonani June 4, 2021 at 3:33 pm

    “And since you are a breath In God’s sphere, and a leaf in God’s forest, you too should rest in reason and move in passion.”
    Tha part of the poem, whew!

    Thanks for sharing this.


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