It’s tough to wait. It levels up anxiety. It stresses the hell out of you. And waiting to get a job hurts more. What keeps people calm as they wait may differ. On a queue waiting for the bus downtown, you will see some people listening to music with earphones, others browsing, others conversing, some eating snacks and others just staring blankly to passengers. Waiting mechanisms differ. In this post I’ll share with you what kept me calm and lowered my anxiety while on job hunt.

  • Look for an internship

Update your resume and write application letters to places in which you would like to work in. Visit those institutions and request for an internship. If you can get a ticket to that place then don’t mention about being paid. Ask about the internship and make sure you leave your application letter and resume there.

  • Start a small business

As you wait to get the internship or the feedback from that job you applied to, you will need money to make ends meet. You will need airtime, hairstyling, tickets to meet people and visit places, and so much more. In the waiting, learn how you can monetize what you know. Now that people are accustomed to online businesses, it’s become easier to run one. If you love tea, learn the different types of tea, buy mugs, open an online canteen, sell your tea and have people taste your sweetness upon delivery. You may earn a little but this will help you out. And who knows, it might turn out to something greater if you are smart enough. That’s how I started Mpinganzima Knits , in my bedroom crocheting a scarf.

  • Be part of a cause

At some point when you fail to get a job or earn a living in whatever way you try, you start to feel like you are a failure. That maybe you are useless and can’t do much. To fight those thoughts, it’s better to be part of something beneficial to the community. Do you want your village clean? Be participative in umuganda. Are you worried about suicide? Volunteer to be a listener in therapy centers. Want to help the sick and poor? Join the other youths that are spending their time feeding people. There are so many things to do out there. And as Rwandans we are blessed that every good deed is appreciated and encouraged. If you can’t find a community to join, you are free to create one. At the end of the day, you will be at peace with your mind and heart, that you did something even though it didn’t earn you much.

  • Stay informed

Be updated of current events that are trending in the country. Whether it is political, economical or social; be aware of everything. I advise that you stay alert on economical matters even if you are a biologist and your only concern is blood pressure. I assure you if the inflation rises, the blood pressure will increase and you won’t be able to locate the cause of heart attack if you are not aware of the dollar buying rate. Everything supplements each other. Stay informed of job vacancies, internship opportunities, business opportunities… everything. You never which door is opening.

That’s all that helped to cope with life as I was waiting to get a job. How did you do it?

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    1. Annie Mpinganzima - Site Author June 16, 2021 at 9:02 am

      We should hold on to hope and look forward a better tomorrow while staying updated on what’s going on


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