May was a rollercoaster month. Full of good moments and bad ones but in everything a grateful heart. I made many bad decisions that I don’t regret because they made me happy once and I don’t regret things that made me happy. I learned how to make pancakes. I made new friends and I drew closer to God. I read few books, listened to lots of podcasts, a glass of milk now and then, then slept for two days to only wake up when food is ready. What has May been like to you?

What I read:

Clap when you land by Elizabeth Acevedo:  In a novel-in-verse that brims with grief and love, National Book Award-winning and New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Acevedo writes about the devastation of loss, the difficulty of forgiveness, and the bittersweet bonds that shape our lives.

Hood feminism, notes from the women that a movement forgot by Mikki Kendall: In prose that is clean, crisp, and cutting, Kendall reveals how feminism has both failed to take into account populations too often excluded from the banner of feminism and failed to consider the breadth of issues affecting the daily lives of millions of women.

What I listened to:

The ghetto dream maker: Bernadette is a self-taught tailor from the ghetto and founder of the organization Pads For Her. Her ghetto experience has made her passionate about impacting on the lives of the unprivileged women.

Why: There are a lot of things we have normalized which are problematic and should be taken care of. Ask yourself why.

 Stories that made my days:

Hooyo’s gone: The story of a woman who was sandwiched between an unforgettable first marriage and a new woman. She was the butter that melted in between the bread that couldn’t be tasted.

Can you surface soon? These are Letters to a future lover, asking why he hasn’t shown up, and when he plans to do so!

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