Bad days happen. And they can be caused by anything. It could be your neighbor who raises their radio volume up whenever you are trying to sleep. It could be a workmate who blocks all your ways. It could be the way you didn’t have time to iron your clothes… it could really be anything. 

For me my bad starts in my mind. Whenever I feel helpless, I stress out and get a headache. It’s rare for an outside condition to shake me off. My surroundings can get messy and confusing but if my mind is at peace in that moment, then I’m okay. It just becomes hard for me to handle when I think I can do something about anything and yet lack the means and abilities to do so. 

Other times I just feel bad because of, what others might call, minor things. Things that you can easily get over. Like when I want to submit a report or assignment and the internet gets slow. Or when I’m a noisy crowd of people. Or that time you return my book in a bad condition with folded pages and dirty cover. 

When all this happens, I just want to sleep or stop what I was doing or just sit without doing anything. Over the years I have figured out this leads to procrastination and incomplete tasks and unachieved goals. To beat it up and get over it, I’ve learned to use positive affirmations and tell myself things that boost my energy and motivate me to get over it and go ahead. 

In today’s post I’m sharing with you some of the things I tell myself when I’m in a bad mood and don’t want to do anything. Some of these are just my thoughts, others are quotes I have read or heard somewhere..

This shall pass but I won’t.

The moments that are drawing me down will pass but I will still be here, needing to live. So dear self, don’t let them drown you. 

Be one of those people who step over their insecurities and succeed

Dear self, you have known stories of successful people who despite odds fought hard and succeeded. You are not alone and you can do it too. Isn’t it exciting to be part of that club? Let’s leave the negativeness aside and go.

Make yourself proud

Dear self, remember last time you accomplished your goal how happy you were?  Let’s do it again. Let’s work and complete this task. At the end you’ll be happy and proud.

One hour. Just one hour 

Let me do this for one last hour. After all if it’s one hour a day and we have 365 days a year that will be 365hours and it’s a big number to be proud of. (After one hour you’re into it and it’s hard to stop. Just don’t check the watch)

You are very lucky and privileged to have access to unlimited knowledge and have something to do

Be grateful. Things could be worse. Appreciate what you got and work to maintain it. Don’t waste your time and energy on situations you can’t change.

God is in control

Dear self, why worry if the creator of everything is in control? He knows what you need and what you think and eventually He will do something about it. Take heart.

Those are just a few of the affirmations I use. What’s your technique to cope up with bad days and bad moods?

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