I had dreamed and hoped that 2020 was the year. For my new year’s wishes I had a list of things I was to do, goals I had to achieve, places I wanted to visit and the type of people I wanted to meet. As the pandemic hit our country and get to stay at home for protection, almost everything went to trash. My aspirations, my goals…I saw them disappearing day by day.

As I’m writing this, I just finished doing a little reflection. Going back to January and coming back. Many things happened and by writing this down, which I urge you to do too, it helps me learn from the past and plan well next year. We’re only left with few days to 2021 so it’s a good idea to start planning it.

In this post I’m sharing with you 5 ideas I reflected on. These helped me take a step back and assess.


The best thing that happened to me this year, one which I’m very thankful for, is keeping my job. Many people lost their jobs during this pandemic, and it saddens me. I pray God makes a way for everyone who still wakes up to only God’s grace.


Of the things that I totally failed to do is to keep up with people. I’ve been working and studying hard that it became hard for me to create time for hangouts; to reply phone calls;.. to just be out there with people. As the year approaches its end I’m trying my best to catch up on that.  I’m just picking up the phone and calling those friends I used to talk to. Because the chances are they may be facing a hard time as me. Chances are they need someone to talk to and are scared of the same things as me. Chances are my call is what we both need right now. Because nothing in life matters as much as our relationships.

Game changers

An unexpected event that shifted my priorities this year is budgeting each coin every day. I had to save, I had to invest, I had to cut off some expenses in order to make the saving possible and still offer financial help at home and with friends. Though it was hard at the start, it was worth it. I learned how to track expenses put my savings on an achievable challenge and distinguish priorities.

 My focus

Through it all I’ve become closer to God every day. With the help of prayer groups and daily devotionals I was able to read the bible more frequently and pray effortlessly. My focus this year has been to manifest God’s purpose in me; to lean on Him and be a living example of His word.


This year has been all but good. My biggest lesson is to never take anything or anyone for granted; and always be ready for opportunities because they never cease to present themselves but oftentimes they find us unprepared. Another lesson is that you matter and your life matters. So love yourself the best way you can.

That being said I’d like you to take some dedicated time to sit down and think about these things. I have drafted some few ideas to help you reflect. Try answering them one by one and this will help you get ready for a new year.

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