Every girl has the inner princess-self in them. Most of us would like to have every day’s outfit. But our wallets don’t allow us. When you shop a lot and without a plan, that’s when you find yourself in debts, unable to save, living with regrets and at the end of the day not wearing that outfit that cost you fortunes.

In this post I will share with you my escape ways,; tips on dressing well under a budget. I learned the hard way that what I see is not me but how I respond to it. That instagram and all these influencers won’t put food on my table or get me my dream life unless I work on it. I hope the following tips help you as they did for me.

Dressing well on a budget

  1. create a clothing budget

Have you ever met a zunguzayi woman with a beautiful kimono of just 2000Frw when it was all you are left with but buy it nevertheless? Or, ever walked in a store, saw something you liked and bought the item even if you really did not need or plan to buy it? This is a dangerous habit.  It is called ‘impulse buying.’

To avoid impulse buying, plan ahead. Do a shopping list and stick on it. Save for the clothes you want and don’t just buy things you see but don’t need.

  • Buy from wholesalers

Wholesalers use cheap price because people buy in bulk which comes with the benefit of discounts. You should enjoy this too. Go to places like Kimisagara market, Biryogo or Gisozi market…; or take a trip and go to the country side like Gisenyi or Musanze, there prices are very low.

  • Be your own designer

Learn how to create and match different outfits to create unique designs that are good for you. Check on youtube and Pinterest how to match clothes. Define your own style and don’t let yourself be influenced by social media settings of what should be good for you. This will not only save you money but it will also save you clothing space and make you stand out uniquely.

  • Practice 30-day rule

As said earlier you should avoid/stop impulse buying. Another way of doing this is by practicing the 30-day rule which simply means to wait for 30 days before making that purchase. If after the 30-day period is up and you still want to buy it, then go for it.

There are many tips on saving money from your clothing expenses. The mentioned above are just a few of them that really worked for me. Now you might ask yourself: “which idea should I start with?”

To save meaningfully and achieve your future goals while being financially free, start by defining the things in life that mean the most for you. From there, you can start by cutting back on things that mean the least. It’s not always an easy process to give up comfort and luxury, but at the end of the day it’s worth it.

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