Of the basic needs we need to live and survive, eating is number one. Yet it can be money consuming to the expense of other things we need like buying clothes, going on vacation, visiting friends,..

It’s no miracle that if you are on your savings journey you’ll have to reduce money you spend on food. The following are ways to save money on food and grocery shopping.

  • Buy fresh produce from farmers market

Places like Nyabugogo market, Kimironko market, Ziniya market… everywhere that farmers immediately bring their crops for sale; are cheap places to buy food. They sell at a lower price and food is still fresh and in good state to last for a longer time.


-Make a grocery shopping list

-Wake up early and make sure you are at the market at 7:00am just in time when farmers arrive

-Buy in bulk if possible and if not buy a little of everything specially vegetables

  • Meal plan

Preparing and cooking delicious meals twice a day maybe impossible with everything else you have going on in your life.  Planning meals ahead of time will save you time and money pus you’ll be able to maintain your eating habits in control and avoid unhealthy food.


-Decide what you are going to eat for the week and make a list on a daily basis

-Cook vegetables and store them for days to come

-Use the right containers; preferably ceramics. I prefer ceramics to plastics because they don’t alter the taste of food plus they don’t release any chemicals with the hot temperature as plastic ones do.

  • Drink water

Practice drinking water while at work and out on professional meetings. Giving up on beer and fizzy drinks will save you a lot of money. Also get yourself a reusable water bottle that you can refill to avoid buying mineral water so often and also to keep our environment clean as our culture demands.

These are my small secrets revealed to help you save more.  It’s hard but worth. After all we want a good life where we can explore the world, have fun and do more of what we truly enjoy without having money as a barrier. So there are two things involved: either we raise our income (which is very hard) or we learn how to manage the little we have the best way.

Whether you have a job or not, things always change in life and it rains. Planning ahead  and saving will save you lots.

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