As we start off the year, many of us are having New Year’s resolutions. Things we will do to make this year a better one. Places to visit, people to meet, and workouts to make… all to help us stay motivated and look forward the best.

But this is not new. We always do it every year. And somehow, we break these plans and resolutions not later than mid-January. Sometimes we get back to it but most of the times we don’t.

As a reader, setting reading goals is crucial. It keeps you motivated to read more and learn a lot. It is easy to set goals but designing your life to meet them is a bit challenging. Here are tips to help you get started:

-have a strong why. Why do you want to read? Is it to stay informed? Learn a new skill/language? Is it just for fun? To get rid of your anxiety? To know the lives of others? The reasons vary individually. Having one motivates you to not give up.

-Join a reading club. Having like-minded people help you achieve your goals without really working hard on it. There are online book clubs and physical ones where you can read with others. Just search them on Facebook or Instagram.

-Encourage your friends to read. Buy them books. Talk about stories in books and get them inspired. In turn, have them help you achieve your reading goal as you read together the same book. In the long run, this can result into a book club that you will be happy about.

-Set time aside to read. Define when and where you will be reading and respect it. Set an alarm if necessary but stick to that.

Now that you know how to face challenges you will meet on your goal-achieving way, are you ready for ways to set them? Let’s get into it.

  • Define the number of books you want to read in  a specified time

How many books did you read last year? What’s an achievable number for you this year, depending on your availability to read? Is it two books per month? Then that’s one book in two weeks. Set an achievable number for you.

  • Make a book list

Which books do you want to read in January? February? In each month list the book titles, authors and genre you want to read. Make a fun but motivational list that you will always look forward too.

  • Use Google calendar

Google calendar helps you set a reminder for your next activity for a whole year. You can even add attachments and small notes. After making your book list it’s better to update it in your calendar.

  • Have a common place book

This is a notebook where you write down quotes, notes, thoughts and everything you think about while reading the book. You can learn how to do it right here.

  • Create a book report

Create a folder or spreadsheet or if you prefer the traditional way have a notebook (which is not a common place book) where you will write your book takeaways. Make it an assignment to fill it every time you finish a book. Keep it simple, even one sentence is enough.

Which books are you reading this year? Let’s hear it in the comments.

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