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Letter to my favorite character [Part 2]

What is certain is that we return better, because experiencing the lives of others makes us understand their aims and dreams, their fears and foils, the challenges and difficulties, and joys and triumphs, that they face. It helps us grow and empathise, and see all the little pictures that make up the bigger one we see from the omniscience of the narrator.

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#Book 26: My name is Tani and I believe in miracles

“But it’s not really about just memory. If someone has studied you and you always play the same moves, then they know what you’re going to do. If you’re predictable then you’re vulnerable. They might set traps or change the style of the game so that it makes it really hard for you to play the kind of game that you want to play.”

That didn’t sound good at all. I liked winning, and most of the time I did it by playing the way I wanted to play. I didn’t like the idea of people not letting me play that way…

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