If we are asked ‘who are you’ we tend to reply by saying your name: I’m Annie, for example. But do we ever think deeply about that question? If they push and say ‘tell us about yourself’ we tend to talk about our jobs, or the school we go to, or what we think the other knows about us. Is that who really are? I don’t think so.

Everyday we look at ourselves in the mirror. We are very sure of who we are, physically. And this should be the same as our inner self. We should know ourselves both physically, mentally and emotionally.

To achieve this you need to practice self reflection. Self-reflection – also called introspection – is a means to observe and analyze oneself in order to grow as a person.

That growth is the reason why it is so important to spend time in personal reflection. I’ve been reflecting at myself, everyday before sleeping, since 2018 and trust me this is a promising pathway to personal development.

Self reflection is a process to understand more about your attitude, your values and your life in general.

Because you know how you look physically, you know which clothes fit you, which ones look good on you, the walk that matches your look… It should be the same with your inner self.

Importance of self reflection

Introspection is a way to analyze yourself, to become aware of your actions and reactions.

It gives you space to think deeper about anything that’s happening. If you had misunderstandings with your friends, taking time to reflect on that helps you clarify what really was wrong, if you acted the right way and what should have happened if you didn’t act the way you did. If it’s your fault, self reflection will help you not to fall in the same trap again.

Analyzing yourself helps you know what you want in life and hence facilitates you in making good decisions. With that in mind let’s see some particular areas in which this practice is more beneficial

Better relationships

When you practice self reflection you know your attitudes and how you respond to certain circumstances. This is a great tool to your communication skills needed in your relationships. Whether at home, at school, at work.. in every community you’re part of you need to have a solid and fine engagement. When you know yourself you know when to continue or stop in a relationship.

Achieve goals

Many times we tend to flow with what’s moving forgetting really who we are and where we should go. Self reflection helps us to be clear of what our dreams are, what our purpose in this life is and which decisions align with this. Practicing introspection will help you focus on your goals and later on, achieve them.

Clear thoughts

Self reflection allows to clear your mind. Have control on the information shared with you. Every minute that passes leaves us with a new thought and it becomes worse when you spend much time on social medias. Becoming clear with what you want in life helps you choose which information to pick and which one to use hence being clear with what you think.

Less stress

You become more organized when you’re aware of your every actions. When things don’t work out you know you have done your best and can’t stress on that.

Right decision making

As we have seen earlier self reflection clarifies your thoughts and gives you time to analyze things. This serves a great tool in making good decisions daily.

The process of self reflection

Find a quiet place

To think clearly and reflect on yourself you need a quiet place or a place with less noisy sounds. It can be your bedroom or a corner in the living room. You can do it while alone or if the people around you are not so disturbing.

Set a time to do this

While this requires you to analyze yourself it shouldn’t lead to overthinking it shouldn’t lead to overthinking. When we allow a thought to cycle through our minds again and again with no apparent way to resolve it, we lose all the benefits of inward reflection and can end up harming our mental well-being. For me 30 minutes are enough to clear my mind. I have created a guide that helps me to check all areas during those 30minutes. For you it can be more or less than that. It can be in the evening before you sleep or in the morning after taking a shower. Set time that is right for you.

Start by asking yourself questions

This is an evaluation on and by yourself. And it should be well presented and clear to you. Ask yourself why, what, when, who, how and where..

Why did you go to work today? Why did you act that way? What happened at this time? When do I need to keep silent rather than speak? Who do I want to be?

Consider keeping a journal

I know this appears to be so girlish and time consuming but it has been helping me more than you can imagine. Writing down your journey is thinking twice about it. If writing is too much of work to you or keeping a notebook is nothing of privacy, consider using your phone and type. Every phone has a notebook app in it so put it at work.

Practicing self reflection empowers your self esteem and confidence level and also plays a big part in your individual. It may seem very hard at the start and you might not enjoy any bit of it. What I’m requesting you is to give it a try. You can start by using my small journal.

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