• Author: Dan Brown | Paperback : 597 pages | ISBN-13 : 978-0307474278

While in Paris, Harvard professor and symbologist Robert Langdon is awakened by a phone call in the dead of the night. The elderly curator of the Louvre, Jacques Saunière, has been murdered inside the museum, his body covered in baffling symbols. As Langdon and the gifted French cryptologist Sophie Neveu investigate the murder they are stunned to discover bizarre riddles that lead them to a trail of clues hidden in the works of Leonardo da Vinci, seemingly left by the museum’s late curator, Jacques Saunière minutes before his death. Their race to discover the closely guarded secret held by Saunière uncovers a battle between the Prior of Sion and Opus Dei over the possibility of Jesus having been married to Mary Magdalene.

The novel explores the theory that the Merovingian kings of France were descended from the bloodline of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene.

This book really thrills. It made me read and research at the same time. Of the things that I read twice and admired is the truth it reveals about the power of women. Their beauty found in every creation from flowers of the garden to stars of the universe, made me smile and want to own some things like a pentacle necklace or Roslyn flowers.

Why such a necklace? You may ask. The five pointed star has always been the symbol for beauty and perfection associated with the goddess and sacred feminine. 😉

Dan Brown brings you to a new world. A world of painters, sculptures, museums, ancient rituals and wars. He is good at disturbing your thoughts and later on excuses pulls himself out of the game by saying that the choice is yours. He also makes you want to visit France.

This is a must read for thriller lovers, and everyone who loves art.

As for the truth behind it, I’m still learning…

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