• Author: Stephen Chbosky | Paperback : 213 pages | ISBN-13 : 978-0671027346

I took a pause from reading Dan Brown to read this book, The perks of being a wallflower. A friend recommended few weeks ago and I couldn’t put it down before getting done. At first I had mixed feelings about it; it could be good or bad. I only read it because of the word wallflower.

Charlie, the fifteen-year-old narrator of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, has just entered his freshman year of high school when the book begins. Charlie is the eponymous “wallflower.” He is quiet and withdrawn, but he is also extremely observant and thoughtful, always paying close attention to everything going on around him, even if he is only a silent witness. Charlie writes the entire book as a series of letters to an anonymous “friend.” The reader never learns who this “friend” is, and the “friend” never writes back. Each letter begins with the greeting “Dear friend” and ends “Love always, Charlie.” Because the recipient of the letters never writes back, the novel reads like a series of diary entries.

I really loved this book. Though it’s written back in the 90’s I could relate to Charlie’s life back in my high school. I too was a wallflower, the type of person you won’t notice. I was not one of the cool kids, I was scared that if I try to talk I won’t be heard, just a nobody. At some point, reading Charlie was like reading my mind back then. Another thing I liked in this book is how the author pointed some topics like abuse, drugs, child molestation.. and how they impact teenagers. After reading The perks of being a wallflower, I had a book hangover. I feel like there will be no other book that well describes high school life like Charlie described it. In addition, it’s nostalgic. It brings back the memories of that life;memories we all wish we could erase but sometimes cherish.

One thing I know after reading this book, is that I’m going to write and write a lot. I am going to write about the things that don’t matter. Or the things that are of extreme importance. I am going to keep writing as much as I can. And because I feel like Charlie was writing to me, I’ll start by replying his letters. One of these days, I’ll post my letters to book characters starting from Charlie.

This is a must read book; one of those books which leave you with one conclusion that we are all different and we are all the same.

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