I hope you’re doing well. Me, I’m good. Today I would like to tell you about getting organized, one of the keys to a stress free life and pathway to achieving your goals.

I am a lazy person really so it has always been hard for me to get things done and on time if I didn’t plan it before. Planning my days ahead and setting small goals has saved me many times. That being said you will rarely notice my laziness, yayyy to my planners!

To be more organized I use two methods: i) by simplifying my life and ii) by having routines. We live in a fast-moving world where we want so many things to be done in so little time. Being a twenty something girl, living in the era of instagram and whatsapp status, it’s so hard and scary to think about myself, my life and what I would like to become. But it’s all possible.

Here are things I did to simplify my life and you can do them too:

    1. Plan my day the night: before sleeping I plan how I expect my following day to be; things I will do and when to do them. When the day comes what I only do is a checklist. This also helps in achieving my daily goals
    2. Stop procrastinating: this has been so hard to adapt but as I practice it, it becomes easier. When I have something to do I do it right away. Putting tasks on a later date not only hinders my productivity but I may also forget them.
    3. Do one thing at a time: many people praise multitasking but your girl here sucks at multitasking. To have my mind at peace I always do one thing at a time.
  • Creating routines: having a to-do list of things you do in the morning and in the evening is a life saving practice.

What is a routine and why having one is important?

Most people find routine boring, rigid, and even stifling. It’s not the case for me because most of the time, those routines I create them myself. They are not imposed on me by anyone.

First of all, what is a routine? In its simplest form, routines are sets of habits that set you up each and every day. A routine is basically a checklist of things you do every morning (morning routine), during the day (daytime routine) and before you go to sleep (evening routine). Some habits I’ve put into my routines are drinking more water, journaling, reading, crocheting and reviewing my finances.

Here are some benefits of having routines:

  1. Routines help us achieve maximum productivity with minimum waste of energy. They help to have plans before so that you can avoid unplanned surprises.
  2. Routines Create Structure in Our Lives by getting organized and having well arranged before.
  3. When you have prepared a routine you won’t need to plan every day. What you will only have to do is to check if what is planned has been implemented
  4. Routines save us time as we don’t spend much of it thinking what to do next or juggling at everything at the same time.
  5. Routines also make our actions automatic unknowingly. If you want to develop a habit or work on your goal, it’s better to make it on your everyday routine so it won’t feel too much of a burden.

How to Plan a Routine

To succeed in life you need to have routines. If you are putting all your energy towards making decisions all day long, that doesn’t give you a lot of room for growth, improvement, or for mental willpower to get the tough tasks on your to-do list done.

To plan your routines simply write down all the things you would like to do within a day. Think about your activities, habits, and tasks you’d like to accomplish within a day. Then think about your non-negotiables, things like work or school, eating, and sleep. Now separate your day into morning, afternoon, and evening. Start with your morning routine, I think this is the most important routine because when you start your morning off right, the rest of your day seems to come naturally easy.

I trust this personal growth journey is helping you as it did to me.

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