When you read many self-help and personal growth books, it’s easy to consume book after book without actually taking action on most of it.

When you know better, you do better. But sometimes when you consume too much even of something as amazing as personal development content, it can leave you feeling overwhelmed and stuck.

Where do you even begin? What action steps should you apply first?

In May 2020, I started with trying to implement a few things of what I have read to see if it really worked. I started with the book Clever Girl Finance by Bola Sokunbi and made myself a budget. That, not only left me inspired but it also helped me get my financial life together.

That being said, I’m sharing with you a personalized workbook I made to help me get the best out of The 7 habits of highly effective people by Steven Covey.


In this book you’ll learn that when trying to improve your life, there are two ways:

  1. Work on the skills necessary for the behavior you desire (this never results in lasting personal growth)
  2. Working on your character ie the fundamental habits and belief systems that form your view of the world (this works because if you work from the inside out then your character will be easily built)

The following is a workbook I created to help me get my best life by imitating and forming habits that successful people use. Read the book and if it inspires you to make a change in your life, then come here and get this personalized workbook of four habits out of seven. The first three are on individual level and will help you change your view on the world outside you; whereas the fourth one is you and the society. For the remaining three, please take your time and read them.

⚠️You can download it here and print it for better use or if printing is way hard, fill these lines in your notebook. Note the statements and write down your thoughts.

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