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Hi! My name is Mpinganzima Annie, the face behind The Sunflower Bookshelf. Now here’s what you got to know about me:

  • I love God so much. I find peace and joy in prayer. And because of that, my favorite songs happen to be gospel ones.

  • Most of the time, you’ll find me reading. Books have always been my best of companions. I carry one everywhere. When I’m free, I read. When I’m not free, I read. Happy or sad, I read. Anytime and anywhere, I love reading.

  • I’ve studied economics, finances, and accounting with all the courses that go with those. From the knowledge I got from these courses, I got a job that I love and a mind equipped with too much math that I use in everything whether necessary or not.

  • I love flowers, especially daisies and sunflowers. I love spaces with flowers. I love people who gift flowers way more. I love flower shops. I love tees with graffiti designs of flowers. I love clothes with flower embroidery. I love flower gardens. I love names with flowers as inspos like Rose or Lily. I love ceramics with drawings of flowers. I love flowers, is that hard to understand?

So on this blog, you will find all that and more. I hope this place serves as an escape from the

harsh reality, just as it is for me. I hope you will find warmth and solace in the stories and

insights you will find here.

Happy reading!

About Me

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