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My go-to podcasts as a book lover

One of the things I enjoy doing is listening to podcasts. I’ll just put on headphones to listen to one every now and then, during house chores, on my way to work or at work when things get boring. I listen to a variety of podcasts from finance related to religion; and I got favorites from each category.

In this blog post, I’ll share with you the 4 podcasts that I love listening to as a bookish girl. You can find them everywhere you listen to podcasts from but I’ll share their links to the apple podcasts.

What should I read next?

This show is designed for every reader who has encountered the dilemma of not knowing which book to pick up after finishing one. Each week, Anne Bogel engages in conversations with readers about their favorite books, ones they didn't enjoy, and what they're currently reading. Based on these discussions, she offers personalized recommendations for your next read. The primary aim of the show is to assist YOU in discovering your next literary adventure.

Listen on apple


Nerdette provides a welcoming environment for delving into discussions about the movies, books, and real-life experiences that captivate you. You'll find engaging interviews with beloved authors, artists, astronauts, and a diverse range of other intriguing personalities.

Listen on apple.

The stacks

The Stacks is your one stop shop to talk about books and reading. Guests will join the host, Traci Thomas, for lively discussions about books and the ways they have shaped their lives, and the way we all understand culture, race, politics, and more. The last Wednesday of each month Traci and guest will break down a book in detail as part of The Stacks Book Club.

Listen on apple.

Reading through life

Reading Through Life is a podcast by two best friends who would love to live inside a library. They believe that there is no better company than that towering pile of 73 unread novels you have sitting on your nightstand.

Listen on apple.

Those are my favorites. How about you?



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