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February's heartfelt moments

February is my other favorite month for several reasons but mainly for the biggest celebration that is my marriage. (insert a blushing Penelope Featherington face)

What i want to remember from this month:

February started on a Thursday and on that weekend I got to celebrate a cousin’s wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony that brought together families. His bride introduced him to her family in the morning and in the afternoon he received us for dinner after tying the knot in church before the priest and family. As usual when I go to the wedding I’m looking forward to eating. There were kinyarwanda dishes and what I took for food was just fried chips and sweet potatoes. There’s a habit of putting sauce on everything but the stubborn me likes dry food.

The following week baby C brought a small yet significant milestone: baby Cherub sprouted his fifth tooth. Watching him grow has been a delightful journey, each new development a tiny miracle.

On the 11th, a road trip with my sister Sabine to visit our other sister, Benitha, in Huye was a highlight. Benitha, busy with her studies, welcomed us warmly. The three of us indulged in ice creams, shopped for treats, and caught up on each other’s lives, cherishing the bond that only sisters share.

Me and Sabine

On the 14th, Valentine’s Day was filled with romance as my husband surprised me with a beautiful bouquet at my office. The evening was even more special, celebrated with a cozy dinner, filled with hugs, kisses, and the warmth of our love.

On the 16th, baby C played with fibers and as I gently scolded him, he turned to me and laughed at me so hard. His smile was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen and it melted my heart to the point that I laughed too and forgot his mistakes.

Another wedding graced the month on the 18th, this time for my former classmate Jonathan. His love story with Elise was touching, and I felt privileged to witness their union. The wedding feast was delightful, especially the desserts which I couldn’t resist.

Ever seen such a beautiful smile?

February 23rd was a chilly evening warmed by a reunion with former colleagues. The dinner was filled with delicious food and engaging conversations. I missed them and I was happy to reconnect with them in such a beautiful moment.

The 25th saw us visiting baby C's great grandma. These visits are always heartwarming, filled with conversations that bridge the generations. It’s a time to recharge, sharing our lives with parents and grandma, and receiving their invaluable advice. Lunch and hugs made the visit perfect, leaving us looking forward to the next one.

The pinnacle of the month was our second wedding anniversary on the 26th. Surrounded by family and close friends, we celebrated with an intimate evening dinner. Their well-wishes, prayers, gifts, and advice were deeply appreciated. My life with my darling husband is a serene and loving journey, and as we toasted to our forever, I felt grateful for the calm and ease he brings to my life.

Me & hubby cutting our anniversary cake

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