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Friendships, hugs and a celebration of love

Every time January knocks on the door, I tend to open it with excitement and too much hope and expectations. It’s like I’m given another chance to reinvent myself. I found happiness on most days, many of which were accompanied by hot mochas and chocolates, making each moment worth it.

What I want to remember from this month:

On the first day of January, we had a family getaway to Nyandungu Eco Park. It was a holiday, and we introduced baby C to the serene botanical gardens teeming with birds. We spent the afternoon walking through nature and ended our day with coffee and chips at sunset. It was a beautiful, peaceful start to the year.

Me and Baby C

The following weekend was filled with the celebration of love. Nelly introduced Aristide to family and friends on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Witnessing their love through Nelly's eyes and seeing them tie the knot was a privilege. Theirs is such a beautiful love story.

At Nelly's wedding

Nelly’s wedding coincided with my workplace's end-of-year party. I attended the wedding, then later changed from my mushanana into a dinner dress for the work party. Surrounded by good company, I enjoyed the event. The food was delightful, but the dessert stole the show for me. I took what seemed like a strawberry cake served in a juice glass. The top layer was a strawberry compote, bursting with the sweet and slightly tart essence of ripe strawberries, each bite releasing a fragrant aroma. Below that was a layer of airy whipped cream, light and fluffy, perfectly complementing the strawberries. The next layer was a moist and tender sponge cake, subtly infused with strawberry flavor and a hint of almond that added a delightful nutty undertone. The cake was perfectly balanced, providing a satisfying bite that contrasted beautifully with the creaminess above. This dessert was the highlight, something I look forward to at parties. I’ll definitely return to KCC just to taste this particular treat again.

One Saturday afternoon, old friends paid us a visit. As we caught up, shared a drink, and enjoyed fun times with baby C, I was reminded of the importance of such friendships. These are the people who don't give up on you, even when distance and life suggest otherwise.

My choir also visited, bringing their warmth and love into our home. They came bearing gifts for baby C, finally visiting the new family they hadn’t had a chance to see since our wedding. We were happy to host them, share a meal, and engage in delightful conversations.

I’m thankful for all the good times I had this January.


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